Know the Basics Before Getting a Massage

Did you know?

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If you have decided on getting a massage but haven’t had one before, you may have questions about what to expect during your session. Massage Therapy is beneficial whether fully or partially clothed, it is your choice whether to remove some or all your clothing for your massage. Massage therapy should not be painful!  Some discomfort may be present; however, you should not be in so much pain that you alter your breathing, find yourself tensing up or clenching or are unable to carry on a conversation. The pressure used should be tolerable to your standards and limitations.  If you experience discomfort from your massage or environment communicate this to your therapist immediately.

Providing accurate and complete health history information is vital to your therapist to ensure they are aware of all or any health concerns and that your safety and best interests are priority.
Different techniques can provide relief for various types of concerns. Each technique or modality used to achieve specific results for pain relief, flexibility, relaxation, or overall health.

Discuss your health goals with your therapist to help choose a massage therapy treatment best suited for your needs. RMT’s will recommend modalities that they feel will benefit you and your concerns. You are in total control of your appointment and always have the final say. We strongly suggest that you take their recommendations seriously as they are trying to offer you the best means to aid in improving your health.

It is perfectly OK to talk to your massage therapist or remain silent. Sometimes talking  can be a way of unburdening oneself or opening up. Other times, remaining silent can be a way of letting go of thoughts or concentration.  People even fall asleep during their sessions allowing themselves to relax fully.

After your appointment is over, take time getting up and dressed. You may feel a little lightheaded, dizzy or tired, all are common side affects of massage therapy. Sit up slowly until you feel stabilized and make sure to have plenty of water. Always look for a qualified therapist. CMTO  (College Of Massage Therapist Of Ontario) has a locator service link on their website to find an RMT that can either help you find a therapist in your area.