Back Pain? Massage Therapy Can Help!

Massage Your Back Pain Away!

Back Pain

People who suffer from acute or chronic back pain will tell you that its life altering. It has serious implications on the ease of carrying out daily activities and functions. Back pain sufferers can feel disabled by their condition and therefore, are prone to depression. Back pain is a common in adults and something as simple as poor posture, incorrect sleeping positions and bad habits. This will become a large problem, as this type of pain has no boundaries and can last hours to months. Back pain can be a dull and persistent ache to excruciating sharp pain. Anyone experiencing this form of pain wishes it to end quickly.

Massage therapy is an effective, low risk and non-invasive method of treatment. The techniques used aid in the release of Endorphins (natural chemicals produced by the body) to help decrease pain and increase the feeling of well being. Historically, massage therapy was not readily accepted by conventional medicine as a treatment of back pain or any other pain for that matter. The medical society now accepts this method as a valid complementary and preventative treatment, recognizing the many benefits it brings.

The aim of massage therapy is a simple one. It increases circulation and blood flow to the affected area, stimulating the muscles and connective tissues in the surrounding areas. Helping to decrease muscular adhesions and restricted areas. Back pain occurs and reoccurs for numerous reasons. Whether due to injury (bone fracture or sprain) or from repetitive tasks or due to bad habits or postures. Take a close look at your daily activities to evaluate any changes that can eliminate the source of the problem.

Consequently back pain can stop you from doing what comes natural for you such as walking or sitting. This will develop into a major problem if it takes away from your working potential and means of income. Doctors will offer pain medication to get past the pain but its a temporary fix like a band aid. Pain returns once the medication is out of your system or you end up relying on pain meds to function. Massage therapy is a great alternative treatment and will bring much relief. You will find that being able to do the little things in life is a cause for celebration!!!!