The Scoop on Membership Based Massage Clinics

Membership based massage clinics, know what your getting into!

Membership Massage

Membership massage therapy companies have become increasingly popular within Canada.  This concept is based on the massage franchise from the United States known as Massage Envy, offering massage therapy treatments at much lower prices compared to most clinics or spas. To receive this discounted rate, you must sign up for a 12-month membership contract. Now saving money is always a nice thing but you usually get what you pay for.

RMTs have extensive schooling as well as continued education that can become costly. It is mandatory that they complete the required continuing education courses to maintain their license to practice. There are also additional fees that RMTs are responsible for that are costly such as; liability insurance, to protect themselves and their licensing fees.

Most massage therapists cannot perform 8 or 9 full hours of massage treatments daily due to the physical strain placed on their bodies. This means that in comparison to an average working Canadian who is not self-employed and works a typical 8-hour work day and 40-hour work week, most massage therapists do not work the same type of hours, typically working from 5-6 hours which limits their potential income.

Standard rates i.e. $80/hr or $50/30mins are priced according to the city or region they are working in and most massage therapists charge according to their area. Membership companies are trying to emphasize that they are more affordable by reducing their rates, however it reflects with their quality of treatments and their therapists wages. Therapists working at these establishments are often under paid and over worked, causing them to burn out quickly and leave.

There is often a high turnover rate in these settings, which is not great if you build up a rapport with a therapist just to find out they have disappeared when you go to schedule your next appointment. This is a very common complaint amongst clients and one of many reasons why they have stopped going to these practices.

There is also the notion that if you miss your massage appointment, the clinic charges your credit card and banks it to be used at another time.  This situation can get tricky and many people are not comfortable having their credit cards charged or on file for that possibility.

Non-membership companies may have slightly higher rates  (reflecting their schooling, specialties and fees related to practicing); however, therapists are paid fairly and often put more care and attention into their treatments and typically do not disappear from where they practice.

The adage You Get What You Pay For is apparent!!  When it comes to healthcare you want the best! Paying slightly more for quality and consistent treatments is an investment in yourself!

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  1. Christy do you do acupuncture without the cupping if so how long is the treatment and what’s the cost of just that thanks honey